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2023 Web3 Gaming Trends

A Comprehensive Overview

Master of Gaming Research

🎮Gaming Trends in 2023

  • Leading gaming dapps launching their alpha or beta phases 
  • Major tech & traditional gaming studios moving into Web3
  • Increased VC funding into Gaming & Metaverse verticals
  • Improved and easy-to-use UX for players
  • Web3 gaming evolving into mobile platforms
  • Adoption of higher standards for Web3 Games
  • Rise of AI and Metaverse applications

Yoda Labs & Blockchain Gaming Alliance unveil their top analysis of 2023 gaming trends. Despite the crypto market downturn in 2022, gaming remains a driving force for the Web3 industry, accounting for ~50% of all blockchain activity.Web3 gaming and metaverse projects raised US$7.6 billion in 2022, 59% more than in 2021. Out of the $7.6 billion moving into the blockchain gaming space in 2022, blockchain gaming infrastructure made up 33.5% of the total invested. Individual gaming projects or metaverse worlds received 27.3%, while guilds and incubator programs got 19.1%.The leading gaming and metaverse projects continued to build despite the crypto winter. Projects behind the leading metaverse gaming dapps launched their alpha or beta phases, including Illuvium, The Sandbox, Big Time, Axie Infinity Homeland, The Fabled, Phantom Galaxies, Star Atlas, My Neighbor Alice, Treeverse, Mirandus and many more.

The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) 2022 Member Survey and Report has found that blockchain gaming industry professionals are predicting that gameplay improvements will be the single most important factor driving adoption in 2023, with web3 developers working to make blockchain games more fun and immersive. 

Explore the Entire Storyline

Explore the Entire Storyline

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